Upcoming TV Shows October

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Invasion Apple TV

October 22

Starring: Sam Neill, Golshifteh Farahani, Shamier Anderson, Billy Barrett, and Shioli Kutsuna

Ghosts CBSParamount

October 7

"Samantha and Jay throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a rundown country estate they inherited into a bed and breakfast


October 6

"When the Crime Lab's legacy and future are called into question, a brilliant new team of investigators led by Maxine Roby

Chucky Syfy

October 12

"An idyllic American town is thrown into chaos after a vintage 'Good Guy' doll turns up at a suburban yard sale.

4400 The CW

October 25

"Over the last century, 4,400 people who were overlooked, undervalued, or otherwise marginalized vanished without a trace off the face of the planet.

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