AltBalaji Recently releases their much-awaited web series Broken But Beautiful. it staring Sidharth Shukla, Sonia Rathee, Ehan Bhatt. Sidharth Shukla played the role of Agastya Rao and Sonia Rathee played the role of Rumi Desai.

The web series is directed by

I think the story is usually the same that we have seen but the way it presented And it absolutely nice and good I think Sidharth Shukla is fantastic as Agastya Rao and Sonia Rathee is also good and than also Main shown speed up after episode 4 and after 6 it’s just like Sidharth Shukla show jhanavi dhanarajgir played sakshi gives nice touch and her chemistry with Agastya is good I am going with 4/5 and want to give extra half star for Sidharth performance 4.5/5