Ullu is a Digital OTT Platform Apps.ullu is the most Popular OTT Platform among those who are like to watch Erotic, Bold, Romantic web series 2021.

ullu has released many web series on their Platform.ullu has released web series in the Romantic, erotic, Thriller genre.

Some Web Series are Very Popular among Audiences like Palang Tod, Charmsukh web series.

ULLU Upcoming web series 2021

Charmsukh:Kamar Ki Naap15th October 2021
Jaghanya:Dil Ke Armaan12th October 2021
PalangTod: Blackmail8th October 2021
Games of Karma : BDMS 1st October 2021
Charmsukh: Yeh Kaisa Rishta1st October 2021
upcoming web series 2021