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Raveena Tandon’s Netflix Web series Aranyak Review 2021



Aranyak Season 1
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Raveena Tandon’s Netflix Web series Aranyak Review 2021 : Aranyak is a recently release web series.The web series stars Raveena Tandon, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Ashutosh Rana, Zakir Hussain, Meghna Malik.

The series is directed By Vinay Waikul.

Aranyak Web serie Review 2021

Sironah is a town where tension is always in the air and there’s barely a light moment in anyone’s life here. Everyone here seems to be hiding some kind of a secret. And it takes one major crime after 19 years to send the police on a wild goose chase of an elusive rapist and killer, who is also suspected to be a half-man-half-leopard creature that is part of the village folklore.

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When a French tourist is raped and murdered and claw marks are found on her throat, the grapevine of Sironah town jangles with anxiety and rumours. Newly deputed police station chief Angad (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) dismisses all talk of a forest creature and takes a harder look at the humans of Sironah instead.

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In shows where several plots bloom at the same time, there is often a threat of losing focus and confusing the audience in the narrative. But kudos to showrunner Rohan Sippy, director Vinay Waikul, writer Charudutt Acharya and editors Smruti Ranjan Mishra and Rajdeep Mitra for not letting that happen with Aranyak.

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In one of her earliest introduction scenes—there are several—Kasturi thrashes a French hippie who’d come in to the ‘thana’ to report her daughter missing. Angad is aghast at the reckless abandon with which Kasturi saunters in and out of the station, snacking on ‘pakoras’ and slapping people willy-nilly.

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