Presenting Love Letter Lyrics: A very beautiful song Love Letter Lyrics sung by Vinit Sohanjani Aala. Lyrics has penned by Vinit Sohanjani Aala. Music is Given by RH1 Studio (SMK). video is featuring Rohit Zinjurke & Nita Shilimkar, An awesome song is coming out through Royal Music Factory

Love Letter Lyrics

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Lyrics Written By – Vinit Sohanjani Aala

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song credits

Song                 Love Letter

Singer              Vinit Sohanjani Aala

Lyrics                 Vinit Sohanjani Aala

Music                RH1 Studio (SMK)

Lable                 Royal Music Factory

Love Letter Video

Lyricstones FAQs & Trivia

Q1 Who is the singer of” Love Letter Lyrics ” Song?

Ans. Vinit Sohanjani Aala has sung the song “Love Letter Lyrics

Q2. Who wrote the lyrics of “Love Letter Lyrics ” song?

Ans. Vinit Sohanjani Aala Sandhu  wrote  “Love Letter Lyrics song


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