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Kartik Aaryan Starrer Dhamaka Movie Review



Kartik Aaryan Starrer Dhamaka Movie Review
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Dhamaka is a Bollywood Action Drama movie that is released on 19th Nov stars Kartik Aaryan, Amruta Shubhash, Mrunal Thakur, Vikas Kumar, Vishwajeet Pradhan.

The movie is directed By Ram Madhvani.

Dhamaka Movie Review

What’s Good: Kartik Aaryan, Music & you’ll get them both in the promos which are way superior to the final product (Jokes apart, Kartik is good and so is the music)

What’s Bad: A director like Ram Madhvani falling for his own trap overlooking way too many p(l)otholes

Loo Break: You’ll either watch it at a stretch or be done with it within the first hour.


Irrespective of the language, what remains intact is the lust for drama. To quote the boss who makes the anchor parrot “the three rules” of their company in the film, “An anchor is an actor. An actor wants an audience. The audience wants drama.” The show (or the drama) must go on. And it does go on in Dhamaka, where the script keeps injecting twists and turns — some on point, some unnecessary, some with loopholes — into the proceedings.


A day in the life of reluctant radio jockey Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aryan) is about to turn upside down: within minutes of the film’s opening, he is flung into the middle of a huge crisis. A man calls in, claiming he will blow up the Mumbai Sea Link if his demands are not met. And within minutes of that, there’s a loud bang, and outside his window, in the distance, Arjun sees parts of the landmark bridge collapsing into the sea.

By indianexpress

At this point, you’d expect to know the back story or some flashback of what happened, but the hows and the whys are answered organically. The script moves on without staying at one place for too long. Madhvani connects with you with the tensed environment that news anchors and journalists experience while reporting a breaking news from the studio or from the crime scene.

By hindustantimes
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