His story Web series Altbalaji Review :His story is the AltBalaji Web series ,Directed by Prashant Bhagia.

This reveals itself when Sakshi invites food critic Preet (Mrinal Dutt) to the opening of her newest restaurant. Preet’s most erudite comment on tasting her delicately plated food is “quite good”. But the sight of Preet makes Kunal feel far from good. This meeting is the launchpad for the turbulence about to rock Sakshi and Kunal’s life, affecting them, their children and their closest friends.


This is a series that will surprise you with its tonal  veracity and its penetrating gaze  at the hypocrisy  of  a  seemingly perfect urban marriages. It’s  a very good-looking series shot in posh  hotels  and  luxurious  bedrooms with well-groomed  characters  who probably don’t care who Kanhaiya Kumar is. It is  also the story of  a largely  homophobic  society where  sensitivity, overt emotions,  and  gay couples are , in the words of  bohemian teenage girl, “out of  syllabus”