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Anupamaa Serial New Update: As Anupama and Anuj Begin New Journey, Kavya Seeks Divorce From Vanraj



Anupamaa Serial
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Anupamaa Serial New Update :The latest episode of Anupamaa begins with Anuj Kapadia telling Anupama that he wasn’t able to see her teary-eyed as she was leaving the Shah residence and therefore he invited everyone for her grah pravesh. Samar and Pakhi also thank Anuj for inviting them to his house.

Later, Gopi Kaka gifts jewellery to Anupama and reveals that these jewels earlier belonged to Anuj’s mother. He then announces that Anuj has named his entire property and business after Anupama. While everyone is left shocked hearing this, Anuj explains that Anupama will now have the signing authority of the Kapadia empire. He adds how the decision-making power in the house will lie with Anupama. Anupama hesitates to take the responsibility, but Anuj tells her that she will have all the authority now.

Anupama gets emotional and questions Anuj’s decision. She then recalls how she used to keep an account of every penny when she was married to Vanraj. She refuses to be the signing authority of the Kapadia empire. However, Anuj explains that Anupama will not be ‘Ghar Ke Lakshmi’ not just for the namesake. Anupama then signs her first cheque and thanks Anuj Kapadia.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anuj and Anupama enjoy their newly married life. On the other hand, Baa alleges that Kavya has been taking to her former husband lately. As Vanraj and Kavya get into a heated argument, the latter asks for a divorce from him.

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